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This morning, Beatriz González López-Valcárcel, a professor of Quantitative Methods in Economy at the University of Las Palmas and director of the inter-university masters programme in Health Economics and Healthcare Management, presented a conference at the hospital about "The Need for Specialist Doctors in Spain." Her presentation focused on three basic aspects: planning in light of the market, the problem related to a lack of flexibility in the offering and the resident medical intern market and its imbalances in Spain.

In terms of planning, Beatriz González believes that although "all planning experiments are a complete failure because when the prediction horizon is reached, things are never how we believed they would be and the future is never what it was, they can be useful for guidance." She also focused on the complexity involved in precisely predicting needs decades in advance because "demographics, medical technology and organisational changes impose changes in needs."

For Beatriz González, a planner has the obligation of finding elasticity and short-term adaptation as well as to make the offering more flexible by opening and expanding the market and promoting mobility. According to Beatriz González, the most intelligent way is by “establishing gateways between specialities; establishing core skills is excellent for making markets more flexible because this shortens reconversion periods, or specific training areas that allow a certain technique to be offered at different locations.”

As far as the status of resident medical interns in Spain, based on objective data, she ensured that "there is a numerical misalignment between degrees and resident medical interns." There are approximately 4,200 new medical degrees each year and 6,500 positions are announced, resulting in a numerical misalignment of more than 2,000 position, which is caused by immigration, recirculated residents and vacant residencies. For this reason, she has proposed three alternatives for correcting this imbalance: "Increasing the numerus clausus for medicine, reducing the number of resident medical intern positions, or adjusting and managing migratory medical flows in a better manner by recruiting ideal candidates." 

Beatriz González López-Valcárcel is also a member of the Healthcare Advisory Council (Ministry of Healthcare), the president of Health Economics of the European Society for Public Health, and she has also been awarded the Healthcare system's Civil Order Cross.  The conference was organised by the Medical Teaching Unit and the General Clinical Sessions Committee.




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