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Febrile Syndrome

Your child has been diagnosed with a FEBRILE SYNDROME, because of the current signs and symptoms.

What is it?up

Fever is the elevation of temperature above 100.4 F in the armpit, or above 101.3 F in the rectum, and generally represents the body's response to an infection. The most common cause of children's fever is a mild viral infection.

Fever is a low-risk symptom in itself and, generally, a higher or lower elevation is not related to the severity of the disease that caused it.

What should you do?up

Lowering the fever is not essential, but will provide relief to the child. For this reason, a low fever (under 100.4 F in the armpit, or under 101.3 F in the rectum), or a fever that is not affecting the child's general condition, shall not be treated

In order to treat a fever, one may use the regular medications, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, according to the indications.

Physical measures, such as baths with warm water, coolish bandages, and offering abundant fresh fluids, may also be of help.

It is not convenient to use cold baths or alcohol towels.

What should you monitor?up

You should seek a consultation with your pediatrician, or come to the emergency deparment, if the child has the following symptoms:

Persistent vomiting

petechia: small spots on the skin, red-wine colored, which do not go away after applying pressure.

weakness or intense sleepiness, even when the fever is low.

additionally, in small infants, you have to check for: inconsolable irritability or crying, trouble feeding, and respiratory distress.

To detect these findigns rapidly, it is necessary to watch the child, even during the nightime; it is also convenient to have him/her short of clothes, in order to procure a better temperature lowering.

Though your child is not having these alarming signs, it is convenient to have a fever follow up with your pediatrician, who will check the child's good evolution, and might detect any additional cause, which was not evident in the beginning due to the short evolution of the condition.

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